Sake climate cabinet


Saké-climate cabinet (chilled sake 9°C, hot sake +/+ 38°C)
PT-S 40 SK (sake-klimaatkast)

This article has been specially manufactured to store Sake wine.
Sake (also indicated as Saké) is a Japanese rice wine made by fermenten rice.

In Japan, sake is served chilled, at room temperature, or heated, depending on the preference of the quality of the sake or the user. Typically, hot sake is served in winter. Due to the fact that heating of rice wine will loose the flavors and atoms, high-grade sake is not te be served hot.
The “masking of flavor” is the reason that low-quality and old sake is often served hot.

As sake can be served both could and hot, this cabinet has a cooling AND heating device.
Chilled sake is to be served around 9°C (same as white wine) and hot sake is to be served around 38°C.

This model has one temperatuurzone (8~38°C) and is very easy to operate using the touch keys. It has trendy blue lighting.


Capacity 40 bottles
Number of standard shelves: 2
Option additional shelves (including assembly): Yes
Door lock: Yes
Energy consumption (24 hours): 0.56 kWh
Ambient temperature: 0-38 °C
Temperature zone (set per 1°C): 5-39 °C
Relative humidity: >60%
Inside measurements (mm): 590x484x440
Outside measurements (mm): 840x595x590
Weight (kg): 50
Suitable to built-in: Yes
Delivery outside The Netherlands possible: Yes
Garanty: 2 years


Price (EUR), including VAT): € 789,00

Price (EURO, excl. VAT): € 652,07

Availability: Product is not in stock (inform for the present delivery time)

P.S. This cooler is particularly suitable as a built-in cooler (e.g. in a bar or kitchen).

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