PT-S 40 WK (40 bottles)


Number of bottles (750ml): 30-45
Number of standard shelves: 2
Option additional shelves (assembled): Yes
Door lock: Yes
Energy consumption (24 hours): 0.56 kWh
Ambient temperature: 0-38 °C
Temperature zones (upper/lower): 12-22 °C / 5-12 °C
Relative Humidity: >>60%
Inside measurements (mm): 484 x 440 x 590
Outside measurements (mm): 595 x 590 x 840
Weight (kg): 50
Suitable to built-in: Yes
Delivery outside The Netherlands possible: Yes
Garanty: 2 years

Price (EUR), including VAT: € 609,00
Availability: this product is low on stock  P.S. This cooler is particularly suitable as a built-in cooler (e.g. in a bar or kitchen).

Display wijnklimaatkast wijnkoelkast CoolVariaAfbeelding02 Display wijnklimaatkast wijnkoelkast CoolVaria

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Wine cooler (80 bottles - 2 zones)

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