A tasteful gift for him or her!

The day you offer this gift will provide the recipient with immense pleasure. Each glass of wine, cigar or sweet treat will bring back this happy memory!

Whether it is for a wedding or a leaving or anniversary present there is always the ideal occasion to offer someone a gift! Or perhaps you would like to receive a cooler as a gift yourself and want to inform your friends of the fact; we can also organise this on your behalf!

We strive to do our very best and ensure that this product continues to provide wonderful memories!

Here are a few possibilities from

* Gift vouchers of 12.50 EUR, 50 EUR and 100 EUR

* Organisation of collective gifts, including (financial) matters

* Personalising the gift

* Delivery at the time and location of your choice

Please note! If you have been given a code for a gift list then tick ‘code’ and enter the code in the ‘Gift code’ field

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